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WraithBone a posted Nov 22, 15

Welcome to Guild Sanctuary's Website.  If you a member please login or sign up to read forums, and chat with fellow guildies.  We are a guild based in the Neverwinter Online MMO and have a large group of members.  Welcoming all types and levels.  No level is too low and you do not have to be a power player to join

WE ARE MOVING SERVERS - Please be Patient as I work with the new hosting provider to migrate the users already on this site.  If you wish please go to and sign up to read forum updates that have been moved there.  The forum is closed here unless otherwise stated by upper management to be re opened.

The new site will be a two week continual work in progress. It is mostly ready for you so please head there and I welcome any input people will give for it.  BUT Do not sign up here for your account.  It will not be approved.  

A Large thank You goes to Aine for fronting the funds for the new site and also the Teamspeak Server.  

Sincerely Your Webmaster,

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